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Descrição "SEAGATE NAS HDD 2TB 7200RPM 128MB SATA III 3.5"

Put Your A-Team on Reliability

The Seagate® NAS HDD goes beyond the standard desktop drive and brings you high-capacity performance with robust 24×7 operation for your home or SOHO storage needs.
24×7 - RAID - Remote Access - Personal Cloud – Backup - NAS

    Perfect for 1- to 8-bay enclosures
    Dual-plane balance enhances drive performance in aggressive NAS workloads for better vibration tolerance
    180TB/year Workload Rate Limit (WRL). Rest assured your heavier workloads can be managed easily.
    MTBF of 1M hours demonstrates mature robustness of drive family
    Warranty and spec information

NASWorks™ - Advanced Firmware for Specialized Workloads & Multi-drive Enclosures
Seagate NASWorks technology improves the reliability of NAS HDD by tuning drive features to deliver higher performance, superior reliability and interoperability with popular NAS enclosures such as Synology, QNAP, NetGear, ASUSTOR, MyCloud, D-Link, Drobo, LaCie, Lenovo, SimplyNAS, Thecus and, of course, Seagate!

    Save time - extended error recovery controls correct data without the need for full drive rebuilds
    Help reduce costs - low power consumption
    Maintain performance - dual-plane balanced motors minimises vibration
    Easy integration with NAS box suppliers
    Peace of mind with +Rescue Data Recovery Services

No One Has Your Back Like Seagate
Don't have an IT staff? No problem. Seagate offers affordable premium features that are integration-friendly, compatible, and deliver peace of mind.

    NASWorks optimises the drive for your NAS/RAID application
    RAID Recovery prevents the NAS from a full RAID rebuild if not needed.
    Dual-plane balance helps mitigate vibration
    3-year +Rescue Service Plan can recover the data from your failed drive whether due to mechanical failure or accidental damage
        - Fast and easy recovery process - data can be restored in 15 days or less
        - Seagate leads the industry in data recovery with an approximately 90% success rate


Wrong Drive Got You Seeing Red?
Storage devices have evolved to meet data where it lives, and where it safely remains. However, content needs to be easily accessible - from anywhere, anytime. That means choosing the right drive for the job, and choosing reliable 24×7 access.

Choose the Seagate NAS HDD for:

    Collaboration and sharing at home or in the office
    Virtualisation and remote access in SMBs
    Multimedia server and storage for your home entertainment
    Backing up and keeping your digital content safe and sound over the long haul
Not Your Daddy's Hard Drive

There was a time when most content was created on a desktop or laptop computer, but those days are long past. In the current digital universe, content can also be created by smart watches, phones, tablets, automated banking, security footage and more. Of course any content is consumed on-the-fly through many devices. More content means you’ll definitely be needing more quality storage!

Best-Fit NAS Applications

Designed for home and SOHO NAS desktop towers and rackmount enclosures (up to 8-bay), including NAS and RAID, the NAS HDD is a best-fit for these applications with 180TB/year.

    Backup and disaster recovery
    Multimedia server and storage
    File and print server sharing
    Remote access
    Private cloud storage

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