Ozone MVP 355 x 255 x 4mm

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Descrição "Ozone MVP 355 x 255 x 4mm"

Ozone MVP is the surprise team this season. They have gone from being almost strangers to being the Asian benchmark League of Legend team. The time has come for them to have their own personalized equipment. With the technical characteristics of Pro gaming material and the MVP logo design, this competition mousepad is now available to the general public.

Amazing design and texture perfect for gamers that push their limits to the edge. Get a smooth and steady speed glide for any kind of mouse.

ozone mvp

Weather you are using optical or laser mice, Meet the Pro Mousepad will work perfectly. Ozone Pro Gaming Teams just love this mousepad thanks to its microfiber texture ensuring precise and steady mouse movements.


ozone mvp mousepad

The Ozone Meet the Pro Mousepad has been designed with a powerful rubber base to fix its position. So forget about correcting and moving the mousepad when you're in action.


exclusive mvp

Special Edition Designed with one of the best LOL Pro-Gaming teams in the world, Ozone MVP. They won the Spring OGN Club Masters 2013 with an outstanding performance.


  • Softgaming mousepad with heat treated cloth surface
  • Thermally treated cloth surface
  • Foam rubber base
  • Dimensions: 355 x 255 x 4mm

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