Ozone Ground Level S Gaming Mousepad

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Descrição "Ozone Ground Level S Gaming Mousepad"


The Ozone Ground Level is a serie of mousepads designed with gaming in mind. There are lots of different mousepads in the market and finding the best is not an easy task. Ground Level mousepads have a soft cloth surface with perfect texture for speed glide, and it's the right material for low noise and high comfort use.
The base is in rubber foam that assures the best grip so you don't have to move it or correct its position when you're in the middle of the action.
The decoration reflects Ozone attitude with the blood stain on the corner and Ozone logo and signature. This elements are positioned in the corners so it doesn't affect the mouse movements.
Ground Level mousepads are low weight to improve portability, and you can simply roll it up and you're ready to go.
The 2mm height is one of the major features for this mousepads, because there are similar mousepads in the market with 1mm and even less. It corrects small incorrections the table might have.
Ground Level is available in two different sizes so you can choose what adapts best to your gaming style: Ground Level Regular if you play with your arm, and Ground Level S if you play with your wrist

Tech Specs

• Rubberized base material for the best grip
• Soft cloth surface for perfect glide

Dimensions available:
Ozone Ground Level S: 250 x 210 x 2 mm

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