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Descrição "NOX HUMMER TX"

Hummer TX

Hummer TX is a large chassis with endless possibilities inside. It is semitower chassis, sturdy and elegant format, designed completely in black, with a number of details that make it a superior chassis.

  • Elegant matte finish
  • PSU isolated and hard disk compartment for optimum cooling performance
  • Speed controller for up to 5 fans
  • Dust filters
  • Great choice for liquid cooling systems
  • It Includes 3 120mm fans
  • USB 3.0 High-speed
  • Excellent system to order cables
  • Space to install up to 5 fans
  • Compatible with oversized graphics

Hummer TX


Its front has metal mesh finish, which ensures quiet and efficient performance, allowing a large flow of air into the device to keep all components nicely chilled.

It permits incorporating acrylic window to see all the components inside your computer.

Hummer ZN

It's all ayour fingertips. 

In the upper panel are two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports and audio connections. In addition, it has two speed controllers to control up to six fans of the interior, thanks to which we can regulate the speed of these three positions: LOW / STOP / HIGH.

The top panel has a removable anti-dust filter can be easily removed if we clean or need extra cooling.

Hummer TX

Ventilation system

Hummer TX is designed so that the airflow into the equipment is optimal. It has three pre-installed 120 mm fans, two on the front and one on the back. In addition, you can install up to 6 additional fans, three of 120 or two 140 mm on the top, two 120mm modules hard drives and one 120 mm on the bottom.

Thanks to the front grille and fans, the flow of cold air will enter directly into to cool graphics and other components. The arrangement of the PSU and the rear fan, help expel all the heat to the outside, allowing an effective airflow.

Hummer TX

Cooling  options

Inside Hummer TX offers several possibilities to hold liquid cooling systems, it has space to mount 3 radiators, one of 120/240 mm front, an upper 120 / 240-280 / 360 mm and 120 mm rear, for it offers endless combinations to install a superior cooling system.

Hummer TX

Storage options

With a total of eleven bays, the Hummer TX offers many possibilities. It has space to install up to eight storage 3.5 "or 2.5" units inside, and has three external 5.25 "bays

In addition, Hummer TX modules has two hard drives, each with 4 bays, both removable, which give you greater freedom to possible assemblies in case we need additional space.

It features removable trays for the installation of hard drives without tools.

Hummer TX

Extensive possibilities

Inside Hummer TX capable of setting high performance equipment with high quality components as it is possible to install graphics very long, up to 430 mm. It also allows coolers accommodate a maximum height of 165 mm and has eight expansion slots.

Moreover, the hard drives modules of Hummer TX are removable, which allows you to have an extra room in case you want to mount a large graph, tanks for liquid cooling, etc.

Hummer TX

Motherboard ATX; Micro ATX; Mini ITX
Airflow Front: 2x 120mm (included)
Rear: 1x 120mm (included)
Lower: 1x 120mm (not included)
Superior: 2x 3x 120 mm or 140 mm (not included)
Interior: 2x120 mm (not included)
External drive bays 3x 5.25’’
Internal drive bays 8x 3.5‘’/2.5’’
Material Steel chassis SPCC 0.8 mm
Front panel of ABS plastic and metal mesh
Expansion Slots 8
Ports 2x USB 3.0; 2x USB 2.0; HD Audio; Mic
Color Black
PSU Supports standard ATX (not included)
Clearance • CPU cooler: 165mm (max height)
• VGA: 430mm (max lenght)
• Cable management: 28mm
Dimensions 210 x 465 x 470 mm (an x al x pr - chassis dimension)
Weight 9.6 Kg

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