Lian Li PC-T60 Black

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Descrição "Lian Li PC-T60 Black"

The T60 Test Bench mounts Standard ATX & Micro-ATX motherboards, 5.25” optical drives, 3.5” and 2.5” hard drives, and a standard ATX PS/2 power-supply unit. The open design makes it easy to switch components, mod, and service.

Two, standard, 5.25” optical drives mount directly above the power-supply unit.

Three, 3.5” HDDs mount, using thumb-screws with rubber-suspension to prevent vibration.

Aluminum mounts for two, 2.5" HDDs, directly below the M/B tray, allow user to easily install and remove them, as desired.

Case Type
 ATX / Micro-ATX Test Bench 
 (W) 351mm x (H) 400mm x (D) 330mm 
Front bezel Material
 Black / Silver / Red 
Side Panel
Body Material
Net Weight 
5.25" drive bay (External)
3.5" drive bay (External)
HDD bay
Expansion Slot
 ATX / Micro ATX 
System Fan (Front)
 120mm or 140mm Fans x 2 (optional) 
System Fan (Top)
System Fan (Rear)
I/O Ports
 USB 3.0 x 2 / e-SATA x 1 / HD+AC97 Audio (optional) 
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2.5" drive bay (Internal)
Maximum Video Card Size
Package Dimensions
(W) 370mm x (H) 115mm x (D) 365mm

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