Lian Li PC-Q08 Black

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Descrição "Lian Li PC-Q08 Black"

Standard Mini-ITX motherboard, 5.25-inch optical drive, 3.5-inch / 2.5-inch hard drives, standard ATX PS/2 PSU. Easy to upgrade and service.

Users can easily access the USB3.0 and HD Audio ports.

Four aluminum pegs to increase airflow beneath the case.

Full Size PCI Slots.

One 140mm LED fan (front) and one 120mm fan (top) keep hot air from damaging your hardware.

The Mini-Q PC-Q08 supports six 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch HDDs, held in place by thumb screws with rubber suspension.

Case Type
 Mini Tower 
 (W) 227mm x (H) 272mm x (D) 345mm 
Front bezel Material
 Black / Silver / Red 
Side Panel
Body Material
Net Weigh
5.25" drive bay (External)
3.5" drive bay (External)
HDD bay
Expansion Slot
 Mini-ITX / Mini-DTX 
System Fan (Front)
 Black, Silver / 140mm Blue LED Fan x 1
Red / 140mm Red LED Fan x 1 
System Fan (Top)
 Black, Silver / 120mm Fan x 1
Red / 120mm Red LED Fan x 1 
System Fan (Rear)
I/O Ports
 USB3.0 x 2 / HD Audio 
2.5" drive bay (Internal)
Maximum Video Card Size
Package Dimensions
(W) mm x (H) mm x (D) mm

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