G.Skill PC3-22400 2800MHz 16GB TridentX CL12 (4x4GB) DDR3

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Descrição "G.Skill PC3-22400 2800MHz 16GB TridentX CL12 (4x4GB) DDR3"

 It’s Not The Fastest, Until It’s TridentX!

Currently holding the fastest DDR3 speed world record at a staggering 4404MHz, G.SKILL TridentX series is known as the world’s most powerful and fastest DDR3 memory available in the market with numerous world record titles under its belt. Named after the powerful weapon of Poseidon, Greek God of the Seas, G.SKILL TridentX is imbued with extreme overclocking capabilities waiting to be unleashed in your system.

Removable Heat Spreader Fin

Our TridentX series features a removable heat spreader fin to improve your cooling options. With the heat spreader fin, the increased surface area helps keep the memory cooler. On the other hand, with a system that already has a sufficient cooling solution; the fins can be removed to accommodate massive CPU coolers or other customized cooling solutions. Please refer to the following user guide.

 Extreme Performance

Extreme overclockers look no further. TridentX will push your system to the limit that was once unimaginable. Not only available at high frequencies of 2400MHz, 2600MHz, 2666MHz, 2800MHz, 2933MHz and 3000MHz, but also available with extremely low timings at 2133MHz CL9, 1866MHz CL8, and 1600MHz CL7 achieved with 8GB module capacity!

Intel XMP Support

All G.SKILL DDR3 memory come with the latest Intel XMP standard developed for Intel platform. It provides PC enthusiasts an entirely trouble-free overclocking experience to boost their Intel systems for extreme levels of performance, while retaining system stability.

     Series     TridentX    
    Memory Type     DDR3    
    Capacity     16GB (4GBx4)    
    Multi-Channel Kit     Dual/Quad Channel Kit    
    Tested Speed     2800MHz    
    Tested Latency     12-14-14-35-2N    
    Tested Voltage     1.65v    
    Registered/Unbuffered     Unbuffered    
    Error Checking     Non-ECC    
    SPD Speed     1600MHz    
    SPD Voltage     1.50v    
    Fan lncluded     Yes    
    height     54 mm / 2.13 inch    
    Warranty     Lifetime    
    Features     Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready

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