Arctic-Cooling Freezer 13 CO

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Descrição "Arctic-Cooling Freezer 13 CO"

Dedicated to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, the Freezer 13 CO delivers superior cooling performance with utmost durability. Employing a Japanese dual ball bearing, the fan operates with reduced friction and hence its lifespan is substantially extended. Freezer 13 CO is your ultimate cooler to maintain your computer systems under optimal temperature at all times.


Continuous Operation

"CO" stands for Continuous Operation and makes the cooler suitable for PCs with non-stop operation like servers. This feature is brought by the dual ball bearing used in the fan, which reduces rotational friction, i.e. is significantly less sensitive to dust and high temperature and hence is up to 5 times more durable than generic or modified bearings.

The included fiber reinforced retention module offers long-lasting support for the CPU cooler's weight throughout its lifetime.


Superior Cooling Performance

Utilizing a 92 mm PWM fan spinning up to 2,000 RPM, the Freezer 13 CO brings maximum cooling capacity of 200 Watts to ensure your CPU stays cool at all times. In addition, four double-sided 6 mm copper heatpipes and a 45-fin heatsink ensure efficient heat dissipation.

Cooling Performance at Intel i7 920 (overclocked):

Freezer 13 CO (at 2,000 RPM)
Stock cooler (at 2,030 RPM)
Ambient temperature: 25oC | *Heat spreader temperature

Noise Level at Intel i7 920:

Freezer 13 CO (at 2,000 RPM)
 0.5 Sone
Stock cooler (at 2,030 RPM)
 1 Sone

Quick Installation

The unique mounting system does not require disassembly of the motherboard, making the installation quick and easy, at the same time guaranteeing excellent stability and full transport proofness. Pre-applied ARCTIC MX-4 thermal compound facilitates the whole installation process further.

Max. Cooling Capacity 200
Heatpipe 4
Heatsink Material Aluminum fins x 45
Fan (mm) 92
Bearing Dual Ball Bearing
Noise Level 0.5
Dimensions (Product) 123 L x 96 W x 130 H mm
Dimensions (Packaging) 126 L x 103 W x 140 H mm
Limited Warranty 6 years
Thickness of fins 0.5 mm
Rated Fan Speed 600 - 2000 RPM, (PWM controlled)
Airflow 36,4 CFM / 61,8 m³/h
Product Net Weight 0.706 kg
itemnumber UCACO-FZ13100-BL
UPC 0872767004436
Gross Weight 1.2 kg

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